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Okay, I think I'm about midway through series 2 of Doctor Who. I'm really, really loving it. Ten is great! Fantastic, hilarious, snarky as hell, and when he's angry, he's really really angry. I love him! Seeing all of the references to Torchwood this season has me anxious to start that as well. I'm just not sure when I can jump in without getting confused. A little help, someone?

And then there's Fringe. I was hesitant to watch it when it premiered because I thought it might just be a knock-off of X-Files. I was wrong. I've only seen the first two episodes and I'm hooked. I want to know more. I wish I could just marathon the whole thing, but I'm stuck getting one disk at a time from Netflix. Rawr.

When I have the house all to myself for an extended period of time, I've also been watching Xena. I've never seen it in order before. I was always missing a week here and there, or skipping a month at a time and getting lost coming back to it. It is, in fact, just as cheesy and over the top as I remember it, though. Well worth waiting until the roommates are at work so they can't snark on my show. Guys, I know just how bad and unbelieveable and crappy this it. I know and I don't care. I'm watching it anyway. It's just quieter when they aren't there.

PS - Pissed of at Criminal Minds execs, just like the rest of fandom. If I had a gif of a pissed off lady, this is where I would post it.

Mondays are for fanfiction, not working.

I spent the weekend on the couch, accomplishing exactly nothing. I marathoned Doctor Who and rewatched a few Seeker episodes when Who gave me ~feelings. (Not that watching baneling!Cara is really soothing.) I'm really liking Doctor Who. The Tenth Doctor seems okay, I guess. I'm just two episodes in with him and he's different to the Ninth Doctor (which is cool and makes sense and I want things to change with a new actor) and I'll just have to watch more to see how this goes. Darn.

I also rewatched "But I'm A Cheerleader," and I'm reminded of why I enjoy that movie. It's got just about everything I love in a lesbian movie. Pretty girls who realize they have ~feelings for each other; a coming-out; at least one set of parents realizing that their daughter is more important that prejudice; and a tasteful sex scene. Which was actually oddly specific in ways I did not notice when first I watched it at the tender age of sixteen. (I should have, I was not only reading fanfiction at the time, I was reading femslash.) But that silly movie puts a dopey smile on my face every time and I love that! Also, quotable!

The roommates will be camping this coming weekend and I will have the house to myself. I've never been in this house alone all weekend before. I'm sure I'll be fine, but my anxiety kicks in and I overthink everything that could possibly go wrong from serial killers (thanks Criminal Minds!) to alien invasion.

So. Tell me what I should be watching. Other than Doctor Who, I'm on that already.

Jun. 3rd, 2010

After spending most of my day online talking to zeh_wulf, I went home to pursue further moments of geekdom. Namely, I watched (and enjoyed) the first two episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. And then two episodes of Doctor Who. And contemplated some Xena, but felt that the cartoon was enough for my very patient roommate.

I can see myself getting into Airbender really quickly and then burning out midway through the second season. It seems like an enjoyable ride with a decent amount of plot. Meh. It's on Netflix, I'll watch it just because it's free. (Well, for the minimal charge I pay every month for my roommates and I to watch as much as we want, it's almost free.)

I'm also a little nervous about how quickly I've come to love the interactions between the Doctor and Rose. I've been told that This Will Not End Well. But I can't not watch; I'm already invested. I'm only five episodes in and I'm invested; Wulf is right, this will not end well.

One down, six to go, twelve days to do it. I'm starting to think I may not finish all of the books before I get the new one. Oh well.
Huzzah for Memorial Day weekend! I got to spend the entire weekend with one of my brothers, his wife and their son. It was precisely what I needed. Beer, books, sun and shade in appropriate amounts, and a wee one to chase after. (My nephew is 13 months old.) And the meat overdose I usually indulge in whenever I spend an extended period of time with my dad was uncomfortably great. I feel like I should have a salad or something to try to offset the amount of meat I consumed. Meh.

In other news, this is just lovely. Another defense of fanfiction. Brilliant.
[Rant]: Professional Writers vs. The People Who Love Their Work, Round Umpty-Snout

Nahmaah's Curse

The new Jacqeline Carey novel will be out June 14th. It is my birthday present from Kayla! This means that I need to have reread all seven of the previous novels by then. I can do that. Seven books in three weeks? Done. I've got a long weekend ahead of me; I can get the first two knocked out in no time.

I get to go out of town again this weekend. For a slightly more fun activity than last weekend. Huzzah for Memorial Day on the Llano River with (a small selection of) my family! I'm very excited for books and beer and sun and perhaps even some fishing. I really need this time away.

Oh, yeah. Seeker's done. While fun and good, it could have been better. I'm not discussing the things I want changed; I've already read a few fix-its that worked quite well for me.

May. 19th, 2010

First, and mostly just for me, a few links that I found this morning while tab-surfing.

Cool story, bro about character motivations here. It’s both amusing and thought-provoking. And there’s a long, cross-fandom metaphor.

Also, two posts by trobadora about Cara, tv tropes, bisexuality, and how Seeker really kicks ass.

Second, I’m really sad that Seeker is leaving me after this weekend. The dvds should be out, what? August? Maybe? I’ll be rewatching on Netflix for sure. I need more Cara in my life. I need more Kahlan and Richard and even Zedd in my life. Two years (only one with Cara) wasn’t enough! Huzzah for all the great fic that’s been coming out recently, though.

Third, real life sucks right now. This translates as ‘I spend all day at work on a computer and then come home to get on the computer to find escapist fanfiction.’ Which is terrible for my health. It’s summertime and pretty and I should at least get a little ride in every day I can. But I’d really rather just read about gay magic babies and pretty girls kissing.


May. 13th, 2010

I HAVE TO MISS SEEKER THIS WEEKEND! RL is getting in the way in a manner that I cannot change.

This means I will either have to wait for Monday when it hits Netflix or do something not precisely legal to watch my tv girlfriend's heaving bosom. I'm not missing Kahlan's :D faces. Seeker will happen Sunday. And then I will call Wulf and we will fangirl. I'll need it after Saturday, no lie.
I am a reader.

My job is partly to mostly boring. When I get home I want to do something different to what I’ve been doing all day. I could go for a walk or watch crappy tv or bake cookies or pick up archery. I choose to read. That is my hobby.

Everyone who has been around me while I’m reading knows to either touch my shoulder or call my name a little louder when I’m reading. I have completely ignored conversations going on literally over my head because I was so engrossed in a book. I do the same thing for fanfiction. When I’m curled up with my laptop, I’m generally reading fanfiction and all reading!Fox rules apply.

I will read just about anything someone I trust tells me to read. Historical fiction, biographies, bodice-rippers, space operas, fantasy-with-dragons, fantasy-without-dragons, alternate timeline fiction, anything. The same goes for fanfiction, of course. I’ll generally read anything in my fandoms, regardless of pairing. I want to read stories that are well written, well thought out, well plotted. Also, I want to read the cracked-out idfic. Wingfic, fpreg, mpreg, high school A.U.s, all of it. I want to read more. Of everything. The good, the bad, the ones that make me want to find the author and punch him/her in the mouth it was so awful. Gimme.

My library of books is fairly large. My roommates and I haven’t unpacked all of our books because there still aren’t enough bookshelves in the house. We have books everywhere. The most common question my roommates’ friends ask when they see the house is “have you really read all of these?” I have read about 99% of the books in the house. Yes, really.

I’ve read volumes of fanfiction. I’ve been reading fanfiction since I was about thirteen. I have grown up with fanfiction as a source of reading material. I’ll go back and read my favorite fanfictions the way I go back and pick up comfort novels. It’s all escapist reading to me.

Why is my hobby somehow less because it doesn’t require me to interact with people face to face? I could, of course, go to a book club. But why would I want to haul myself anywhere I don’t absolutely have to after my hour-and-a-half commute home? I’d much rather stay at home and either read a book or hunt down some fanfiction.

You keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

Apr. 29th, 2010

I don't even know, guys. Seeker is cancelled. I suppose that means it's back to lurking more than I have been. I've actually been posting and commenting recently. I'll still comment on fic; I just don't know what I'll post about without my weekly dose of crack and gay. Although this does not seem to be diminishing either quality or quantity of fic available, I'm sure both with decline over the summer. Oh damnit! It's my brother's and nephew's birthday party this Saturday. I'll be missing Seeker, then. *snarl* It's a good reason, but still.

This does, however, allow me the freedom to fully explore Doctor Who and finally watch Farscape. (It's still in the plastic on the shelf.)

Seeker fandom is among the best out there. I love these kids so much, I'll be sad to see them go. What will I flail over now?
At least I got to watch this ep with Wulf. It was really nice to have someone to fangirl with while I was watching.

IDK. The episode overall was okay. But that's all it was. I like that Richard forgives Zedd for curing Panis of his VD and allowing both Darken and Richard to be born. I am highly amused that Zedd delayed going home to talk to his father so he could get laid. Cara's faces were priceless as always.
"This ~thing we're questing for? How do we use it?"
"Uhm, fate?"
The fight with the Sisters of the Dark was EPIC, though. DAGGERFLIP! I may have swooned when Cara repels the dacra and then dashes off to kill more Sisters.

pirateygoodness has her Ladyspam up already. There were that few scenes with our lovely ladies. :(

Next week, though, we get a Mord'Sith pool party!